Apply to be on the committee


The time has come to put together a committee responsible for organising the 2023 St Hugh’s Ball! Whether you’ve a creative flair, a knack for organisation and planning, or an ability to keep thousands fed and drinking for a whole night, there’s a role for you.

It’s a fair amount of work and a significant responsibility, but in return you’ll get the chance to leave your mark on an event attended by thousands, and gain loads of super impressive skills for your CV. 

There are five roles you can apply for:
•    Food and Drink
•    Entertainment
•    Logistics
•    Creative
•    Marketing

You’ll join a team of around three to work on your part of the Ball. Things will kick off over Summer, culminating in you overseeing (and attending!) the Ball in early Trinity next year.

The application deadline is Thursday 23rd June at midday.

You can apply for multiple roles. You will need to still be a St Hugh's student in Trinity next year (i.e. not be in your final year currently).

I'll be happy to answer any questions at

More Information on the Roles

Food & Drink

The Food and Drink team will be keeping everyone full and merry on the night! You’ll walk a delicate line between keeping in budget and keeping everyone fed and in drink for the whole night. This will involve liaising with external suppliers and finding the best value food and drink for the event. You’ll work out how much will be needed, which suppliers offer the best value, and which kinds of food we’ll have.

As well as coming up with an amazing food and drink programme, with a fantastic set of vendors, you'll need to think about the logistics of getting the food to the Ball, before it can get reach our guests. This will involve a lot of planning, learning about fire and food safety, and liaising with the council


The Entertainment team will research, negotiate with, and book performers and acts for both musical and non-musical entertainment for the night. You'll need to cater to a wide range of music tastes, and curate an unforgettable experience for our guests. This is an amazing opportunity to combine creativity and planning, as well as negotiation and managing acts/suppliers. Experience in musical tech/set up would be great, but is by no means necessary.



The logistics team makes sure that the Ball will run smoothly, covering all the things that go into running an event you don’t normally think about: clearing it with the council, first aid, toilets, cleaning, fire safety, security, amongst other aspects. You’ll work with the Creative team to help them realize their vision on a technical level. You’ll gain experience of negotiating with external contractors, and will have responsibility for the safety of thousands of guests, as well as the smooth running of the Ball.



Ideal for those with a creative streak, you’ll be responsible for coming up with the theme for the Ball, controlling how it looks, and ultimately enacting your vision on the night. You’ll be able to get stuck into both the conceptual design phase, and into realising your vision on a technical level. You’ll also design all our promotional material, ensuring a consistent and professional brand throughout.

Applications from those with graphic design/Photoshop skills will be looked upon especially favourably.



The marketing team are responsible for making sure we sell out. Letting people know the Ball is happening, and creating and maintaining a hype, you’ll manage the social media pages for the Ball, coordinating releases of information and promotional materials. As well as the technical side, you'll take on a more creative role, coming up with promotional campaigns and ways to make sure we reach as many people as we can. You’ll also look at sponsorships as an additional source of revenue.

Why should you do it?

  • Satisfaction of organising and putting on a huge event, at your college, attended by thousands

  • Looks great on your CV, and is a great experience to talk about in interviews*

  • After an initial period working at it, you will be able to enjoy your Ball for free

*Skills you will learn ("tell me about a time you..."):

  • Team work - you will work closely with the other members of your 'sub-committee', as well as with other members of the wider committee, and with college.

  • Delivering a project to a deadline

  • Taking responsibility for a task/project - both the Ball as a whole, as well as individual tasks assigned to you on your sub-committee

  • Engaging with external suppliers and contractors, college, and the council, and dealing with contracts, negotiating, and professional business communication

  • Overcoming a problem (there are bound to be some!)

Working on the committee will be rewarding, but will also require a fair amount of your time, and of commitment. That said, all previous committee members of successful Hugh's Balls in the past have been current Hugh's students, and have managed to balance academic commitments with the Ball. If you have any concerns or questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch (

The Ball will be early Trinity 2023, so will not extend far into term for those with exams.